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Many thanks to @rmmngtn (Barb Wire Dolls former guitar player) for taking a stand and explaining her story. “In light of recent events, after numerous messages asking my opinion, or my history, or my choices it seems easier to just say something publicly.
I support the @_svetlanas_ 100% in this entire ordeal and I will stand firm on this as I have multiple sources inside and out that have recounted situations from the night in Manchester as well as across the entire tour.
I chose to leave the band before this tour due to disagreements, and a further need to take control of my own life and my own beliefs and priorities. I had political views and belief systems that were too great to stay in a position where apathy was encouraged, and while I don’t believe that anyone on this tour would support Nazism directly, I personally believe not taking a stand is also form of support.
And while that is the event being blown and taken out of context, this event was also the final straw in a number of other grievances.
Over my years I have become the liaison and confidante between hired staff, direct support, and anyone considered an outsider, simply because we all connected over finding a hierarchy to be a lot to handle. And we all got along because our differences and life experiences matched.
I don’t want to be accused of ‘slander’, but my direct experience is one where I have been made to feel uncomfortable about my lifestyle. Where comments were made regularly to make me feel “other”, despite my attempts to make them stop.
Furthermore, the death threats and the harassment and the constant posting I do not agree with. The Svetlanas have a right to feel wrong about a situation and not stick around to wait out the consequences- I did the exact same. They found their threshold and for that I salute them. I’ll probably add myself to the hate list for this post, but they have become friends of mine and for that I will always stand in solidarity.
Nazi Punks fuck off.
If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” #svetlanas #svetlanasbrigade #svets #thesvetlanas #nazipunksfuckoff #olgasvetlanas #remmingtonpearce